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Our founder and CEO, Jaclyn Rogacz, is a licensed Fire Protection Engineer. She received a Bachelor of Science degree from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Chemical Engineering, and a Master of Science degree in Fire Protection Engineering before going on to earn her Professional Engineers license in the state of Massachusetts. Jaclyn has worked as the sole Fire Protection Engineer for the second largest city in New England for the past five years. Her responsibilities include reviewing all plans and construction documents submitted to the City for both major construction projects and minor renovations. Her primary objective is to maintain open communication with project teams on behalf of the City, and specifically the Fire Department, to ensure compliance with all Massachusetts codes, standards, and laws. Her resume includes reviewing plans, performing inspections, and collaborating with project teams on the construction of multiple 100+ unit residential complexes, ice skating rinks, college athletic facilities, warehouses, baseball stadiums, manufacturing facilities, public schools, and much more.

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