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Third Party Plans Review and Fire Protection Consulting for Municipalities

There is a large need by Fire Prevention Divisions across New England for assistance in plan reviews, inspections, and code compliance enforcement on large projects. The construction industry is booming now more than ever, and fire and life safety is at the very forefront. After multiple requests, FirePoint Consulting, LLC. has begun offering third party plan review services to select cities and towns throughout the state. 

The main goal of FirePoint Consulting, LLC. is to increase life safety of the general public, but also of first responders. Many Fire Prevention Divisions do not have the time, the funds, or the training to enforce the full letter of the code. They are short staffed and often pulled in one million directions at once. We are confident that we can help fill the gap and build a very worthwhile relationship with the department as a whole, at no direct cost to you.

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We know from experience that oftentimes bringing in an outsider makes things MORE difficult. It takes time to get them up to speed, you can never get a hold of them as quickly as you need to, and you never seem to get a clear answer. After all, engineers are famous for answering all questions with a quick “well…. it depends.” 

FirePoint Consulting, LLC. is a boutique engineering firm that prides itself on building personal relationships with local fire departments and contractors, as well as offering concrete advice and guidance towards achieving code compliance. We treat each and every project as if it is our own, paying great attention to detail and maintaining open communication throughout each project timeline. 

In order to achieve this high level of service, we are only able to take on a certain number of projects at any given time. If you would like to obtain our service, we suggest a representative of the Fire Department reaching out to us via email even if the owner is only in the “idea” phase. 

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